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The news that Bill Wininger has been arrested and actually spent a night in jail has been good to hear. Sadly, readers should understand that all the charges are misdemeanors. Wininger is a sexual predator who should be going to prison for the rest of his life. But even though each of the four charges carries a maximum 1 year sentence, the likelihood is that he will serve little jail time. A first-time, non-violent offender against an adult victim may even get off on probation. I don’t like the lenient way the system works with sexual offenders, but it is cheering to know that civil court offers hope of Wininger at least having to pay restitution to some of his victims. I am hoping that the criminal charges will give his victims the courage and ability to go to civil court against him.

Best synopsis of the case so far, Atlanta Journal Constitution:

News video and case wrap up, WSB-TV2, Atlanta:

As always, the day late, dollar short award goes to the discussion on the Fundamentalist Forums:

And you can follow the longstanding discussion on the Topix forum, which began last year when Wininger was fired. Go to page 63 of the discussion to catch up on latest events.
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